PracticeWell: Medical Professionals Serving The Healthcare Community For More Than 25 Years

PracticeWell was founded by doctors in 1991. The family-run business has become a community platform for medical businesses to adopt best practices to enhance daily operations. As practicing physicians, we know what it takes to run an efficient medical practice and identify and add innovative benefits for our community to save time and money. As a benefit corporation, we act with integrity in everything we do and treat our community of more than 20,000 as an extension of our family.

A History Rooted In Supporting Excellent Patient Care


Dr. Alan C. Johnson and Kathy Chebib, along with other health care providers meet to discuss their collective concern with major changes occuring in the health care industry.


Pediatric Federation forms in San Francisco.


Pediatric Federation becomes the first Vaccine GPO for private physicians and starts with 16 member practices.

1993 - 1997

Through only word-of-mouth, members grow to over 180 pediatricians.


Group continues to grow allowing vaccine manufacturers to create a contracting format.


Administration fees are earned for managing contracts, all of which are returned as rebates.


Membership reaches 8,000 in 10 years!


More membership benefits are added with the inclusion of office supply discounts.
Achieves national recognition in the AAP "Vaccines:A Survival Guide for Pediatric Practices"


Pediatric Federation is recognized as a preferred vendor by the Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment.


Our membership expands to more than 50% non-pediatric practices. A name change review begins in order to reflect the current business structure.

January 2017

Pediatric Federation officially becomes PracticeWell!

PracticeWell was originally formed in 1991 as the Pediatric Federation (PediaFed) by Dr. Alan C. Johnson & Kathy Chebib and a coalition of pediatricians, office administrators and nurses in the San Francisco Bay Area. For almost 30 years our team has helped medical practitioners increase the efficacy of day-to-day practice management, save money on purchases and reinvest rebates into their businesses.


Pediatric Federation became the first Vaccine GPO for private physicians and starts with 16 member practices.

Over the years, PediaFed became an essential partner to pediatric professionals as it pioneered vaccine group purchasing and contract negotiations. The PediaFed community experienced impressive growth including practices of all sizes nationwide.

After 26 years of serving pediatric professionals, the PediaFed team recognized that the influence and size of their group purchasing model, could also benefit the broader healthcare community. In 2017 they underwent a rebrand, changing their name to PracticeWell and reincorporating as a benefit corporation.


Pediatric Federation becomes PracticeWell and re-incorporates as a benefit corporation.

As a Benefit Corporation, PracticeWell is legally compelled to act in the best interests of its members. While this has been a guiding principle since the early days of PediaFed, it can now be enshrined in the organization's foundational documents to ensure continuation for generations of healthcare professionals to come.

We are excited to continue to drive innovation and develop new and exciting products and services to the PracticeWell platform that reduce or eliminate distractions, create significant cost savings, and return time and money back into our members' practices. We believe, as we always have, that healthier practices lead to healthier patients.