Frequently Asked Questions


PracticeWell is a community of over 15,000 physicians and healthcare professionals throughout the United States. PracticeWell provides a platform dedicated to the constant improvement of healthcare delivery and ultimately the health of our patients

PracticeWell develops programs for time-saving initiatives, cost-effective operations, and knowledge sharing, allowing medical practices of all sizes to focus on what's most important - patients.

PracticeWell was formed in 1991 by physicians with the objective to seek collaborative solutions to the challenge of providing excellent patient care while efficiently managing a practice.

When Pediatric Federation was formed in 1991, the organization was primarily pediatric offices due to the focus on vaccines. Since then, benefits have expanded and the community has grown, largely through referrals from colleagues, into a diverse group of physicians. To recognize our changing demographics, and to incorporate a simplified vision, the name was changed to PracticeWell. PracticeWell's rebranding announcement

PracticeWell has long believed in maintaining the organization as a not-for-profit, in order to support the well-being of our members and patients. A benefit corp allows us to formalize these values. Returning administrative fees as rebates to practices has been one important way PracticeWell has always supported the community of physicians.

A benefit corporation pursues non-profit objectives but is not restricted in the for-profit area. In a traditional corporation, shareholders judge the company's financial performance. With a benefit corporation, shareholders judge performance based on the company's social, environmental, and financial performance.


PracticeWell members have access to an extensive list of benefits from group purchasing to HR services. (Please check the benefit grid to learn about current PracticeWell programs). Not only does PracticeWell have discounted rates on vaccines and medical supplies, but more importantly the majority of administration fees are returned as rebates to our membership.

There is no cost (it's free) to become a member of PracticeWell. You contribute by sharing our philosophy, adding your voice to our community, increasing our negotiating power, and following the rights & responsibilities of the community.

Any healthcare provider or healthcare professional in the United States- whether you are a sole practitioner or manage a group of national practices. We know it takes a team to deliver high quality care, so membership is open to the whole team.

Yes, all size practices can become members and benefiit from membership.

You can become a member in less than a minute! The set-up to be fully eligible to order products & services depends on the partner.


We have an extensive list of member benefits including group purchasing, financial, legal, and administrative, health technology, quality care, and employe relations.

Using our community negotiating power and economies of scale, we are able to get below market rates on products & services. In addition, most member benefits earn rebates. Your savings will depend on your spend.

All products and services are paid directly to the partner providing the benefits.